War Is Swell

War cards are kind of creepy. You always wonder if the sender survived. You assume yes—if C.M. Will’s brother A.E. had died in Europe somewhere, would this 1918 post card have ended up at a garage sale?

World War I cards tend to be grim or sentimental.


The caption translates as “Faithful care.” It was sent by an Austrian fellow to his sweetheart in Utica, NY. Must have been a bit of a complicated relationship.

Translation: “Lille [France] during the German occupation. The Germans at the Post Office”


A relatively rare WWI comic card. This German solider enjoying R & R in the Netherlands says, “I am by myself, but not lonely.” Perhaps these Dutch chippies later found themselves paraded through the street shaved bald?


Comic cards were much more common—even the rule—during World War II. Many have the haw-haw flavor of grade school rivalries…. 

More scatology….

And let’s not forget the “skirts”….


I shall return…to the American Heritage Museum in Scottsdale, AZ


And a wax Axis! Mussolini, Hitler and…Wally Cox?

Don’t ask, don’t tell.
That narrows it down….

Not to be outdone, the Brits and Argentines went ahead and had a war as well.


I’m still waiting for some cards from our current Worst.War.Ever.
Maybe with Lynndie England….