Satan's Stuff

Considering the U.S. is supposed to be such a godly nation, geographers and settlers sure named a lot of stuff after The Devil.


Dueling Diablos!

Just as the cathedrals of Charroux, Coulombs, Besançon and Metz all claim to possess the foreskin of Christ, cities sometimes lay rival claims to some of the Dark One’s possessions:

Two communities boast His Satanic Settee!

Look! In the Idaho version, could that be HIM relaxing on the rocky perch?

And here’s a body part—with a claimant from our neighbor to the north!

Can there be too many Hell Holes? There’s one in Jersey and one near Death Valley, and here’s three more.

No information was included about the ungodly object these visitors are fishing out of the water.

And a triple claim for his den! Three locales eagerly vying to host Beelzebub’s rumpus room.

Also note: the closer to the Bible Belt, the more geographical features named after The Prince of Darkness. Could it be that the cartographers at the U.S. Board on Geographic Names have sold their souls to Mephistopheles?