Images of the scantily clad have made their way through the postal system since the birth of the postcard.


Resting in a minefield.


A bevy of beauties, of various degrees of sluttiness. Note Bettie Page at right, looking a little less chipper than usual!

This one, supposedly from Florida, recycles the images of Bettie and one of the other models. (Note that she is wearing one of those early bikinis with a baggy bottom.)

Here’s another one from the era of the puffy bikini bottom. Shame on you, Hillary! Eleanor Roosevelt was never photographed thus.

These two exhibit clothing ineptitude.


What compelled her to get out the sewing kit, whip off her swimsuit top, and MEASURE herself??


Imagine you are the owner of that highball-holding hand…about to receive your pack of Marlboros, and a bit of attention. Suave, very suave.


Is this supposed to be suggestive?


Another one about to slam dunk. I think that’s supposed to be John the Baptist’s head, which would explain his peevish expression.


When jellyfish attack.


And this showgirl keeps up a game front, despite being menaced by giant sea anemones.




Another curiously unattractive card from Holiday Inn. The couple at top center have never been in the sun before.


For the ladies!

And just in case any of you pervs found the above cards titillating, here’s one of your Mom.