Despite all the scenic and cultural experiences presumably available for vacationers, a sizeable segment of travelers chose for their missives home…things gastrointestinal.
Canines and trees are a common motif. Why did somebody think of this card? Had tree protectors suddenly sprung upon the scene?
And who knew desert tribes had totem poles?

This one, sent in 1941…I don’t know where to begin….

This one is of the let’s-make-fun-of-rural-folk class. Note Grandpa's horrifying visage in the frame.

But the rubes get their revenge, mocking city slickers who confront…the outhouse!

Some are downright nostalgic.

Others fraught with misfortune.

Deliverance…the deleted scene

Sent in 1943, this one is typical of the harsh psychological warfare of WW II. (See “War is Swell.”)