Civic Pride

The biggest! The best!

Before we shot them all from trains….

Things sometimes take an ugly turn when municipalities lay dual claim to a title

More snottiness (1962).

Oh yeah? Well, eat your hearts out, says Denver.








A rare DOUBLE superlative!






And often do, no doubt.

 As opposed to Seattle, the serial killer capital. 

Another bit of Iowa one-upping.

Iowa again! Those high-paid travel bureau geniuses are whipping all the other states' butts!
  "Honey, have we already paid for those tickets to Maui?"


Looks like the occasional visitor has, however, missed it....

A rare example of modesty…"ONE of the world’s largest." Note the re-emphasis on the reverse side. Perhaps a barrister representing a challenging claimant from a European cheese factory sent a threatening letter?

More comparative modesty. The card claims 350,000 visitors a year, but apparently none were willing to be photographed actually doing so.

Wood. Primitive. Savage. I see no parade.

Forget the palm-shaded beaches, Petronas Towers and orchid jungles….
Does your town have SLIME PONDS? I thought not.

For everyone else….this one was sent from Shamrock, TX in 1930, but you could send it from any town.

If your municipality is not gifted with true superlatives and generic just won’t suffice, fear not! Taking a clue from Stalinist photo trickery, post card publishers have often resorted to outright trickery. Read on!