Interspecies Hijinks

We just love it when the genus line is breached.








Do you suppose this was painted from life? If they all suddenly came to life, it would be cool to watch the mayhem.

Here is a sample of the many cards that, inexplicably, focus on Chicken-Duck Infidelity. Time for an amendment to the barnyard constitution!

Possible source of transmission of Bird Flu….(Note the top-hatted lothario gloating behind the henhouse….)

He gets his revenge by turning the tables. (Note: the seductress has obtained human breast implants!)


This embittered patriarch is apparently going to commit poultry miscegenation in front of the entire family!!

She would ditch him for one night with that pelican. In a heartbeat.


Are you squeamish at the thought of human/merperson love? I am.



And now, for some LACTATION MISHAPS

You'd think this next kid would get in trouble if caught doing this....

…but no! This card suggests that the behavior is sanctioned!!