Mail Slot of Mysteries

We begin with the Mysterious Marital Merry-Go-Round of the Silver Queen—a veritable SAT logic puzzle. Someone’s taking credit for work not their own! Unless in the last card, “designed by Lee and Ruby Carell” means “gotten by Lee Carrel through Ruby Eaton’s divorce settlement….”

Here’s a hard luck story! But hey, if this nameless ne’er-do-well can afford to set himself up in swanky digs like the Drake, how come he sticks Commander Charles Champion with the 3 cents postage due?


What did he fight? In this1908 card, it would appear it was an inner battle against the desire to wear lipstick.


The sender's message yields no information about why four of the small figures are checked, though #2 would appear to be breaking rank a bit.


There’s something Island of Doctor Moreau about this.


Same children, same bench, same umbrella, same onlookers…yet the jolly gal on the driftwood log has done something to get herself expunged from the photo, replaced by what looks to be a stern prison guard.


The fad really caught on, too. My name is Ozymandias. Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.


A Hitchcockian situation. Who was the mysterious patient of Nurse Polly?


Seven months later the Cuban revolution began. What happened to Chico and Peggy?


Story problem: What happens next?

OK, the crab. But what about the other two?


Whose cowboy boots and hat are those? Why will she not heed the squirrel's warning? Is she herself the arsonist?


Morris and his mom….issues….

Call the police…..



Did he make it? Did it really happen? Bystanders seem strangely blasé about the situation.


Is it the same guy in both shots? Perhaps he caught the feathers of his authentic Plains Indian war bonnet on fire, forcing the switchover to the mariachi outfit. The card is from New York, 1941.

In the ancient, celestial mist-shrouded glens of the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area.