We didn’t fall off a turnip truck…we know there is SOME kind of fakery here!! Hats off to the many artists of these cards who operated before the days of Photoshop!

Actual! It says actual. This entire community, like the characters in a Shirley Jackson story, have come together to participate in this swindle.

Sometimes the sender went along with the whole charade.

These fellows could attest that even rabbits can be very frightening.

Frightening produce was a common subject.

Note the underlining to emphasize OUR corn. The implication being, the corn of your community ought to be in a can with Asian writing….but, who knew that the farmland of NYC had room for this? Admirers gaze upon the mammoth maize from the window.

Folks even found it necessary to exaggerate their traffic safety issues. (The sender of this 1918 card affixed a little flag sticker, anticipating by nearly a century the relentless recklessness of her country.…)

Eeeeee, vermin!

This one involved exactly zero photo editing skills….
This one with its splendidly dada caption is a fine modern example.

And these two are the scariest.

Fish were one of the most common subjects for preternatural enlargement.


And early on, the fish topic took a frightening turn….