6. Ethnic Sensitivity
Cards that would not be selected by ecotourists.

Haw haw.

Who decided this was a “scalp dance”? In this 1907 photo, these guys are just standing around. I see no (a) dancing or (b) scalps.

What the…? And this might be the ultimate news-filled inscription!

Drop her! Drop her!!

An unusual card from the African Americans and alligators genre…no one is in imminent danger of being devoured.


 A bad night at the Westminster Kennel Club….

Cute card…until you read the caption….(“Shark bait on the beach at Waikiki, Honolulu”…)

Later in the 20th Century (these are all @1945), the tables turned a bit, and Native American dignity was depicted as a contrast to stupid tourist blunders….

And, if you run out of groups to mock, there’s always the hillbillies. Question: what is the function of the skunk at these nuptials?