Haute Cuisine

Some eateries subscribe to the decoy theory, presenting images of gluttonous diners engaged in a feeding frenzy.




In other cards, a neutron bomb has apparently hit the external world; staff wait, poised for a dinner crowd that never arrives.


Others know that there’s nothing to whet the appetite like the visage of a proud restaurateur. Extra points if he has a moustache.



Smorgasbord décor could be particularly appetizing!

Note that you can eat in SPLENDOR!


Nice institutional tile at the Rosilyn of Effingham, IL. (Note: seated amongst the pineapples is a tiny humanoid!!)

Cover every possible surface with paneling. Scandanavian!


For a time there, food cards all featured GOBBETS of food, lots of ‘em, slopped onto a table.

Occasionally mascots are eager to offer up their own flesh, or to consume that of their species mates.


Overly excited by the “Monarch”s gruesome presentation, the author of the inscription goes on to attempt to cover up the shoddy photography with a cannibalistic allusion.



This one touts its extra helping of animal cruelty…no free-range birds for Willard’s! The comment card is particularly controlling, also. Too bad, PETA members—it’s “Exceptionally Good,” “Good, “or “Fair.” No check box for “Murder.”


When traveling the Interstate, it makes for an exceptionally restful trip if you let the tots sample the fruit of the lollipop tree. And don’t bother supervising them in the restaurant.



The pasty purveyors of this 1908 card chose for a backdrop what would appear to be a burning oil slick.


Somewhere aboard a shark fishing charter, the captain is POd that someone swiped his chum supply.