Voyage of the Grotesque

You can have your cards with mountain views and bathing beauties. What better memento to send home than some stuffed deformed thing?

Yeah, yeah…the Normandy Invasion has some historical significance. But more to the point—it was the birthday of a bull with two noses! Take that, krauts!



Want a hairless horse? Price tag: $25K. Read it and weep.


He looks kind of peevish. Seems like his camouflage didn't work as planned.


Sometimes the card is not particularly forthcoming with information about the freak in question.

I’m not sure what the scenario is here, but it’s FREAKISH!
Ditto. What the HELL is going on?? Are we supposed to know?


Why stop there?


Hey. Paws off.

Phenomenon: when the card labels the subject as a “freak of nature,” this generally means that its freak factor will be low.

Oh. A tree grew out of  crack in a tower. Oh, wait, FOUR trees grew in cracks in the tower. The most freakish thing is that the building inspector continued to be licensed. (1912)


Oh, lightning struck a tree. FREAKISH! It so seldom does.

So hideous…eyeballs burning out….