Southern Michigan Prison at Jackson. Tell me these were available in the commissary! And so post-modern a message.


The ϋberprison, Alcatraz: 1959, 1968 and @ 1973. Similar sentiments. Kind of cheesy updating, though.

A few colonial shots….

Look closely—a real ball and chain on the senior citizen at center. And is that guy on the right clapping? Whatta toady! The prisoners’ uniforms have an arrow motif, and they have been issued fetching beach hats.



It takes two guards to keep an eye on some poor gal in the stocks? Hope you guys are proud of yourselves.



The caption says “Chinese prisoners in the cauque.” I don’t know what offense earned you one of these, but the fellows in the photo pose with a curious insouciance. “Psssst, Xiao, just pretend you don’t notice you’re wearing a cauque, and nobody will mention it.”

“I’m on it. Cauque? What cauque?”


A prison in its own right. This is where the Dionne quintuplets were put on display after being wrested from their parents. The person who sent the card was heading to Niagara Falls that night…hope she slept OK after paying a call to the human zoo.